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October 11, 2019
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Click on through the gallery for a glance at the Portland metro area's 10 wealthiest ZIP codes.

Despite the madness of many residents to live inside heart associated with city, causing close-in areas to bring staggering real-estate prices, central ZIP codes are not Portland's many affluent.

The 10 wealthiest metro-area ZIP codes, relating to integrate places many Portlanders would not even start thinking about "Portland."

Click the gallery above to see Portland's 10 wealthiest ZIP rules rated by Esri predicated on earnings, net worth and home worth information. Paid clients have access to the full list, including company email address, here. Click on this link a subscription.

Three lie in Washington County regarding the border of Beaverton and beyond toward the Coast Range. Three have been in pastoral components of Clark County, Washington. Two are in suburban Clackamas County south of the town. Only two come in Multnomah County: into the West Hills or more Highway 30 around Sauvie Island.

Under a demographic lens, the combined populace of the 10 affluent ZIP rules is 186, 782, representing about just 8 % of metro location's 2.3 million folks. They encompass over 70, 000 families with a typical size of 2.7 individuals. Median age brackets from 39 to 50.

Median house price in these ZIP rules works from $335, 407 to $589, 675, while median throwaway income per family varies $55, 547 to $75, 302. Just the number 1 ZIP code features a median home earnings in the six numbers, though typical home income is above $100, 000 for several. This indicates considerable earnings disparity in certain of these neighborhoods, with a few wealthy residents skewing the averages higher.

Top ZIP codes for million-dollar homes
Top ZIP codes for million-dollar homes
32117 zip code MG on the Halifax Talk To Peggy (386)898
32117 zip code MG on the Halifax Talk To Peggy (386)898 ... | Cris Chico- Analyze zip codes to find buyers | Cris Chico- Analyze zip codes to find buyers
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