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February 22, 2019
Email Marketing - Direct Email

When sending emails through NYU Email Direct or all on your own, maintain the after things in your mind:

  • It is really not possible to deliver an attachment utilizing e-mail Direct. This increases system and disk consumption needlessly. The most well-liked method for dispersing data is always to put it in your web site and provide a hyperlink to it when you look at the e-mail Direct text message it self.
  • Limit the dimensions and amount of mailings. Infrequent usage of e-mail to distribute information is usually acceptable. But men and women generally speaking hate to get unsolicited mail, while that email is formal University company. By saturating your audience with direct messages, you'll produce a poor reaction to your task or statement.
  • Plan ahead of time to manage answers towards email and, in the event that you send it yourself, for declined (bounced) emails for incorrect or outdated addresses. For a sizable number, this is often an important burden. If you should be mailing to an audience whose details have-been extracted for you from an NYU database, you should report rejected post to so your wrong addresses can be corrected when you look at the University's mail directory. If e-mail Direct sends your e-mail, we shall get and correct bounces and other anomalies.
  • Whenever your information could be made general public, rather than sending a long message, make an internet web page and deliver its Address. This limits the dimensions of the email, lets you format the info much more towards liking, and provides the individual a sense of better control.
  • Remember that not totally all members of the University neighborhood have e-mail. In addition, not everybody who does have mail reads it frequently. Often, individuals have records and do not utilize them!
  • Remember when you look at the aggregate, email is not a free solution. Schools spend the expense of maintaining NYU-NET and pcs and support, all of these are necessary for smooth functioning of mail and associated services.
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