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October 18, 2019
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Email marketing is a major part of doing business online and staying in touch with your customers. When compared to other types of marketing and advertising, the return on investment is often higher with email marketing than any other method of advertising. Whether you are looking to gain new customers, get more repeat purchases from existing customers, or just to stay in touch through newsletters, email marketing offers plenty of potential.

One of the challenges of getting started with email marketing is to find the right service. There are plenty or options, and in this post we’ll look at 10 of the leading options. The options listed here will meet the needs of most small businesses and online marketers. If you are in need of something more robust (and more costly), you may be interested in InfusionSoft or OfficeAutoPilot.

With AWeber you can send newsletters to your list, set up autoresponders and a sequence of automatically delivered messages, automatically create emails from your blogs RSS feed, and of course you can track everything with helpful analytics.

AWeber provides more than 150+ pre-designed templates that you can use for HTML emails (emails can be sent with a plain text version as well), or you can easily use your own template. After sending a message you can track who opened it, who clicked on links, and you can even track the amount of revenue generated by the message. You can create list segments and control which subscribers receive a particular message (for example, send only to people who opened a previous message or clicked on a specific link in a previous message).

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One of the best things about AWeber is that they are great at getting your messages to the inbox of your subscribers. It sounds like a simple thing, but with aggressive spam filters it’s not uncommon for a well-intended email to be wrongly flagged as spam. After moving our newsletter from MailChimp to AWeber we immediately saw a substantial increase in open rates and clicks on links within the emails, without changing anything related to the subject lines or content of the emails. Before sending your campaigns, AWeber will give that message a score based on its likelihood of being flagged as spam. A high score here can alert you that you should make changes to your email or it may not reach the inbox of most of your subscribers.

Another reason that we recommend AWeber is because of their customer support. You can get support by email, online chat, and even by phone . I have only needed customer support once or twice since using AWeber, but my experience was positive. I got support by phone, which is something that many of AWeber’s competitors do not offer.

Pricing for AWeber starts at $19 per month for unlimited emails to a list of up to 500 subscribers. The first month costs only $1, so you can try it out with little risk.

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Mailing - Safe List Email Marketing And Gmail Inbox Settings
Mailing - Safe List Email Marketing And Gmail Inbox Settings
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Direct Mail Marketing, Mailing List Automation
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