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May 17, 2019
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Business Mailers Review - award-winning, independent biweekly newsletter covering issues of importance to the business mailer, regularly cited as among the best sources of postal information.
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Business Mailers Review
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On Capitol Hill, in front of the Postal Rate Commission, and reporting breaking news - vital for sound decisions

Independent biweekly award-winning news, coupled with Email Alerts of breaking stories - Business Mailers Reviews delivers information you need.

Editor Cheryl Kettler Cheryl Kettler began her professional career as a "Washington attorney." Her first introduction to postal industry legal issues involved efforts by postal worker unions to offer health insurance benefits to other government employees through associate memberships.

In addition to representing labor unions and tax-exempt pension and employee benefit plans, she has represented public and private charities in legislative, administrative, and litigation matters including their qualification for nonprofit postage rates. She has assisted direct mail business owners in their handling of various state tax issues, including their responsibility for collecting sales taxes on certain catalog and online sales. Cheryl has advised clients on a variety of tax, employee benefits, corporate, international business, and commercial legal matters. She teaches legal writing, including trial and appellate advocacy, legislative drafting and transactional drafting, as well as a number of other commercial law subjects.

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