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September 6, 2019
You may notice that some of the junk e-mail you receive appears to come from your own domain name, even from your own e-mail address. Please understand that the vast majority of the time, this type of junk e-mail does not represent any security threat and a spammer has not taken control of your domain name or e-mail address.

Unfortunately, people who send junk e-mail can forge e-mail addresses (also known as spoofing), and they often forge other people's e-mail addresses to obscure the origin of the junk e-mail and to trick junk e-mail filters (and people) into thinking that the actual domain name owner might have e-mailed themselves.

For a more detailed explanation of this spammer trick, please visit:

You can also assure yourself that your domain name hasn't been compromised by looking at your e-mail headers and discovering the origin of the e-mail. Please visit the page below to learn how to view headers in many different types of e-mail programs:

The next section will discuss ways that you can reduce the amount of junk e-mail that you receive, including junk e-mail sent from your domain name to one of your e-mail addresses.

Ways to Limit Junk E-Mail

1) Creating Recipient Addresses and Forwarding Them to One Mailbox

Many customers set up one mailbox and allow anything at their domain name to be sent to that one mailbox. While convenient, this configuration can result in your receiving large amounts of junk e-mail sent to random e-mail addresses in your domain.

First, create the single mailbox that you wish to check:

  1. Log into the Account Control Center
  2. Click Create New Mailbox
  3. Fill in the information, and click Add Mailbox

To create a Forward recipe, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Create New Recipe
  2. Under Recipe Type, choose Forward
  3. Click Proceed
  4. Click Create Forward

2) Use Junk Filtering

Be sure to turn on junk e-mail filtering for all of your mailboxes. When you create a new a new mailbox, remember to select the "Enable Junk E-Mail Filtering" option.

3) Remove Existing "Accepted Addresses"

One way to reduce the amount of junk e-mail that you receive from your own domain name is by removing "accepted addresses, " also known as "whitelists, " if you have any set up. Accepted Addresses, or whitelists, make it very unlikely that our e-mail system will mark e-mail from a trusted e-mail address as junk.

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