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February 15, 2020
11 Direct Mail Marketing

screenshotThis postcard was supposed to market a brand new parking aid function on a vehicle. The card included somewhat automobile which you tear off of 1 part and place on the other. Once you stick it on the designated spot, magnets unexpectedly drive the vehicle to the tight parking place!

Click the link to see the video and discover the card for action.

I recently love these small 3D popup a few ideas (there are several in this article). The basic concept will be engineer a thing that vessels flat but arises into a 3D object as soon as the receiver opens it. it is completely unusual for a postcard or magazine to jump into the third dimension therefore regardless if it’s already been done before, the element of surprise is huge and impacting.

screenshotThis execution advertises IKEA’s notoriously low priced little square tables. Once you open the magazine insert, out pops slightly IKEA dining table to tell you which you’ve constantly though about selecting some of those up.

This 1 is my personal favorite on the whole record. It’s probably a little too evil and would definitely ask a frivolous lawsuit or two in the U.S., nevertheless surprise of seeing this would be pure gold.

The typical idea matches the IKEA dining table above. There’s an appartment box that is designed to pop-up into a cube.screenshot However, that one is much larger and is slipped under the doors of the inhabitants in an apartment building (a mail slot execution can perhaps work too).

The end result usually when someone walks in, they see this huge cube inside their apartment that says “Breaking into the apartment is simpler than you believe.” Clearly, it is advertising a security system.

That one is rather just but proved quite effective. To encourage corporate CEOs to celebrate Earth Hour and turn off all of the lights for one hour, candles had been delivered to their particular workplaces.

screenshotThe visual message is obvious in image below therefore the execution is pretty clever. Obviously, business help enhanced 260percent. I’d call that a success.

I adore the simple but brilliant aesthetic image presented by this 1. All they performed was place a report advertising encouraging individuals offer bloodstream around a newspaper with a rubber musical organization.

The consequence: the rubber band looks like a tourniquet wrapped around the supply and will be offering an instant visual read to those who have ever endured bloodstream attracted. Simple, inexpensive, efficient!

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot
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