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December 26, 2016
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The Most Innovative Solutions
in Do Not Contact List Management & Compliance.


Interactive Marketing Solutions was organized in 2001 as a partner of the Direct Marketing Association to manage and distribute its Suite of Consumer Preference Services. It has evolved into an independent company specializing in the development of innovative do not contact list and database management software and services designed to help businesses comply with state and federal legislation. Save money by not contacting consumers who do not want to be contacted.

Our popular 'Do Not Contact' Lists and Software will ensure that you are in compliance AND that you save money.

Some of our most popular Suppression and Data Hygiene products are listed below, but please see the menu items above for a complete list of products and services. And, please feel free to 'Contact Us' for a personalized answer to your question.

Wireless Identification Solutions Interactive Marketing Solutions is the country�s largest single-source supplier of Wireless Identification Products. We serve marketers, collection agencies and other organizations with the need of identifying and segregating calls to wireless devices. In 2002, as a subsidiary of the Direct Marketing Association, IMS pioneered the concept of identifying wireless telephone numbers by introducing our proprietary Wireless Block Identifier™ which can identify approximately 95% of the cell phone numbers currently in use. The remaining numbers can be identified by the Neustar Ported Numbers files which we enhance and resell in our role as their largest reseller. Since its introduction, we have sold thousands of subscriptions to our wireless products (see the IMS Customer List above.)

If you�re a marketer, telephone marketing services bureau, debt collection firm, or other business concerned with calling wireless devices IMS offers a number of solutions for you. All of them revolve around the IMS Wireless Block Identifier™ and the Ported Number files, which together identify all wireless devices, ensuring that you stay in compliance with federal and state legislation, and save time and money.

  1. Both the Wireless Block Identifier™ and Ported Number (with our value added audit file) files are available for businesses to include in their suppression systems.
  2. Our SmartClean Service lets you upload your file to our web server and have us clean your list using the latest wireless identification databases and techniques. No technical experience required.
  3. EasyId, simple, easy to use software with its integrated wireless database puts the control in your hands and lets you remove wireless numbers from lists right at your desk.
Do Not Contact Mailing Solutions We offer a number of solutions for consumer mailers such as non-profit organizations, catalogers, manufacturers, etc. that do not want to contact unresponsive consumers. It saves money, reduces complaints about unwanted mail and helps to prevent government Do-Not-Mail legislation.
  1. Our Recently Recorded Deceased and Deceased do not Contact files have over 12 million consumer names and addresses
  2. The State and Federal Prison file contains over 2, 200 correctional facilities
  3. SmartClean lets us scrub your lists while you concentrate on the marketing campaign.
  4. We distribute the DMA�s DMAchoice file which contains consumers who want to manage receipt of promotional offers.
EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL (EDDM) SOLUTIONS We offer two solutions for consumer mailers using EDDM saturation mail that do not want to contact consumers that have requested to opt-out of this delivery type. It saves money, reduces complaints about unwanted mail and helps to prevent government Do-Not-Mail legislation.
Email Marketing : Email Software Automatic Email Responder
Email Marketing : Email Software Automatic Email Responder
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Email Marketing Meten is Meer Weten
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Goed nieuws over email marketing
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