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November 22, 2019
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5 Companies Running Outstanding Direct Mail CampaignsEven in the digital age, there are many companies that effectively use direct mail marketing, some far more successfully than others.

1. Burger King

Much like grocery stores, fast food chains often send coupons and other material to nearby addresses in hopes that the community will begin to use their products and services more often. This geo-targeting is another benefit of direct mail - these potential customers can obviously get to physical location.

In addition to a website and mobile app that both offer special coupons and company information, Burger King still opts to send coupons in the mail. Customers often opt into the mailing list by filling out surveys or prize ballots at the local shops and then are mailed coupons in order to entice them to return.

2. Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson is known for producing a wide variety of household products for families. One of their most popular products is Enfamil, a baby formula, is often marketed through coupons. Because new parents are often very busy and don’t necessarily have time to look and compare products online, Enfamil’s direct mail campaign often includes coupons along with information about how their products can help their baby. Mead Johnson can also be fairly certain that their potential customers will be home.

Currently, parents can opt into the mailing list by writing to the company’s Evansville, Indiana address.

3. Tylenol

Tylenol is a popular headache relief medicine that can be purchased over the counter. This pharmaceutical company reaches new customers in a variety of ways using direct mail. One of the most successful is sending offers to obtain samples simply by writing to the company. Customers will also occasionally receive coupons in the mail after receiving the sample. Additionally, Tylenol has produced a serving-size pack, also called a Pocket Pack, that other companies can purchase and include in their mailing campaign. These sample size packs still have the Tylenol logo and customers can see what company sent them the pain relievers with a colorful outer package.

4. Botanic Choice

Botanic Choice is a vitamin and supplement shop that operates out of Hobart, Indiana. The company uses many traditional means to promote its mail order business, including sending customers flyers and savings certificates regularly. Being privy to a very extensive mailing list definitely makes this easier as people can write to opt in and have been doing so for year.

As a means of expanding these mailing lists, many of the catalogues will include a “refer a friend” section, sometimes offering free gifts to those who write down their friends name and address. The popular shop also takes phone and internet orders, but traditional mail and direct marketing brings in many of the sales the company sees.

5. Google

As counterintuitive as this may seem, technology super-company Google uses direct mail on a regular basis. The company uses the direct mail to promote many of its new services, especially to businesses. Direct mailings will often include Google AdWords coupons or information on how Google can help businesses advertise. Google tracks its results closely, usually by including a unique ID in the mailing.

The company uses FSC-certified paper and keeps the mailing to a minimum, only sending relevant information to its potential clients. This not only helps to promote the company effectively but bring in many new clients to the long list of services that Google offers.

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